Treatment Feasibility Study

ClearBakk was approached by a major Oil & Gas client in Alberta, which required a solution aiming to treat its Frack Return Water and reclaim the water as a saleable product. Raw water was from different sources resulting in highly variable water quality. ClearBakk performed lab test to verify the treatment process to optimize the chemical dosing required to reclaim Fracking Return Water as a saleable product.

Mining Waste Water Nitrate Removal

A gold mining client in British Columbia was experiencing a wide range of flow rates of high nitrite waste water and needed a solution that was able to handle the wide range of flow rates and inconsistent high nitrite concentration without using chemicals / consumables.

Sewage Water Treatment

ClearBakk designed and built a Waste Water Treatment Plant with a Membrane Bio Reactor (MBR) system for a 1700 person camp to meet unrestricted reuse standards. The facility was later expanded to handle the capacity of 2200 persons.

Oil & Gas Produced Water

ClearBakk was approached by an Oil & Gas disposal services company to help treat their produced and fracking water that they received from multiple producers to a level that would extend the life of their deep disposal wells.

Mine Tailings Dewatering

ClearBakk provided a polymer hydration plant for accelerated mine tailings dewatering for a major client in Alberta. This is one of the largest polymer hydration plants in the world in terms of dry polymer throughout.

EOR – Polymer Flooding Package

ClearBakk was approached by an Oil & Gas client in Alaska to design a polymer hydration package to extract more oil from their reservoir. We designed and built a 4.8 MT/day Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery (cEOR) package in 5 months from initial purchase order (PO) to ready-to-ship in order to meet the client’s accelerated delivery schedule.

Potable Water Treatment

ClearBakk was approached by an Oil & Gas client in Alberta to provide a drinking water treatment plant for a 800 person camp. Our design used membrane technology that met and exceeded the Canadian drinking water quality standards.

Polymer Hydration Plants

ClearBakk designed and built one of the largest polymer hydration plants in the world. This plant featured dry polymer handling / conveyance, high turndown capabilities for wetting & shearing, and dust control in all processes, all within a minimized facility footprint.

Biological Treatment Leveraging External MBR

ClearBakk employed our innovative, next generation (patent pending) wastewater treatment technology to treat water from a 600 person camp. This project met the client’s needs and exceeded Alberta Environment discharge standards.