About Us

ClearBakk provides engineering, procurement, and construction management (EPCM) services to the Oil & Gas, Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Mining, and Water Treatment sectors. ClearBakk has been proudly serving Western Canada and North America since 2011 out of our Calgary, Alberta office. ClearBakk is one of five companies under the ALSYS umbrella. Together these five companies provide innovative and competitive engineering and manufacturing solutions to respond to technological, economic, and environmental challenges.

We pride ourselves on being efficient, lean and nimble. We believe in finding the correct engineering solution that maximizes project lifecycle value, with the most appropriate and efficient path to completion, whether it is a fit-for-purpose customized design, or a turnkey pre-engineered design. We are a results-orientated team that will work diligently to ensure our solution meets your short-term needs and long-term objectives. We also offer process guarantees for our designs to demonstrate our commitment to providing a quality solution.

We leverage our specialized expertise, industry experience, and local partners to offer integrated solutions that de-risks projects for our clients. Our partner approach to projects means we collaborate closely with your team and evaluate solutions holistically to provide the best solution based on your drivers and best interests.

Process Engineering Expertise

  • ClearBakk’s expertise and experience allows us to translate your needs, priorities, and limitation into project requirements.
  • Our team will assess options objectively and propose the most appropriate solution with a technology agnostic, and vendor neutral approach.
  • We can support the entire project life cycle from conceptual feasibility, multidisciplinary engineering and design, project management to a full range of field services.

Performance Guarantee

  • We stand behind the entire integrated process within our battery limits ensuring our solution meets or exceeds what it was designed to deliver.
  • De-risking your project and provides you with one point of contact for all performance related inquiries.

Flexible & Agile

  • ClearBakk has a flat organizational structure that allows us to work closely together, be responsive and efficient at project execution.
  • We have a respectful and professional environment and strongly believe that communication is the key in promoting collaboration and innovation.
  • We can support the entire project life cycle from conceptual feasibility, multidisciplinary engineering and design, project management to a full range of field services.
  • Our Design-Build offering allows Engineering & Design to be optimized for fabrication and construction.

Cost competitive

  • We believe in maximizing project value and lowering total cost of ownership via cross functional collaboration and value engineering mindset embedded within our operating model.
  • Fit-for-purpose solutions ranging from zero based design to pre-engineered packages.
  • Our approach is spending efforts on the right targets and the right timing with the mindset of doing “as little as possible, and as much as necessary”.

ClearBakk History

ClearBakk was awarded its 60th Potable Water/Sewage Treatment Project – Metis Crossing.


Moved into our new office with staff count of 45 people.


Awarded our largest engineering order to date, ~40,000 manhours.


ClearBakk awarded its 150th project.


ClearBakk Water Solutions (CWS) renaming.


AWI merged into ClearBakk Energy Services.


ClearBakk’s first Polymer Hydration Plant project – Syncrude Pilot for tailing ponds dewatering.


Allied Water Integration (AWI) & ClearBakk Energy Services (CES) was founded.