About Us

ClearBakk, together with the five companies comprised of the ALSYS Group have completed over 550 water related projects. We bring nearly 35 years of water & wastewater treatment experience to various sectors including Oil & Gas, Food & Beverage, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, Marine, and Nuclear.

We pride ourselves on being efficient, lean and nimble. We believe in finding the correct engineering solution that maximizes project lifecycle value, with the most appropriate and efficient path to completion, whether it is a fit-for-purpose customized design, or a turnkey pre-engineered design. We are a results-orientated team that will work diligently to ensure our solution meets your short-term needs and long-term objectives. We also offer process guarantees for our designs to demonstrate our commitment to providing a quality solution.

We leverage our specialized expertise, industry experience, and local partners to offer integrated solutions that de-risks projects for our clients. Our partner approach to projects means we collaborate closely with your team and evaluate solutions holistically to provide the best solution based on your drivers and best interests.

ClearBakk was started in 2011 out of our Calgary office, and was acquired by ALSYS Group in 2016.

ALSYS Group Companies

ALSYS Group History

Created in 1990, the CTI company based near Ales, in Salindres, is the origin of the ALSYS group. Recognised internationally for its expertise in the area porous materials and surface activation for high temperature applications, the company produces advanced ceramics and catalytic materials.

Orelis joined the group in 2010. Previously a division of Rhone-Poulenc, of Rhodia and then of Novasep, the company has developed top-of the range membranes and filtration processes for over 30 years.

The group integrated EnerCat (previously IRMA) in 2013. Based in Lorient, EnerCat is an expert in catalytic formulations and advanced materials solutions.

In 2016, ClearBakk joined the group. Engineering company based in Calgary, Canada, ClearBakk specialises in water treatment units and offers full turnkey fluid management solutions.

In 2017, CeraMem® was acquired from Veolia Water Technologies, allowing the group to spread into the United States and reinforce its membrane technologies based on advanced ceramics for the oil and gas industry.

Together these five companies bring nearly 35 years of water & wastewater treatment experience, providing innovative and competitive engineering and manufacturing solutions to respond to technological, economic, and environmental challenges.

Our Core Values

We Value Progress Over Perfection

  • We embrace Collaboration and Teamwork to achieve progress.​ 
  • We encourage growth and development through Active Participation.​ 
  • We have the courage to Take Chances and Make Mistakes.​ 
  • We share Expertise and Knowledge to build competencies.​ 
  • We Simplify processes while focusing on service excellence.​ 
  • We Innovate through Incremental and Continuous Improvements​

We Build with Integrity

  • We are Authentic and Honest in our interactions. 
  • We embrace Openness, Vulnerability, and Transparency. 
  • We draw strength from honest Self-reflection. 
  • We uphold our Commitment to Integrity in everything we do.

We Deliver on Commitments

  • We demonstrate dedication and commitment to our goals. 
  • We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and outcomes. 
  • We approach our work with a passion and are self-managed and driven. 
  • We are dependable and reliable.

We Create a Place of Wellbeing

  • We create an atmosphere of Excitement, Energy, and Optimism. 
  • We encourage the Health and Well-being of our team for a vibrant and Respectful workplace. 
  • We have a sense of Connectedness and Belonging, celebrating Diversity and Inclusion. 
  • We Care, Respect, and Appreciate each individual’s unique contributions.

We Seek and Practice Balance

  • We prioritize the Safety of our communities and stakeholders. 
  • We take Responsibility for our Environmental impact. 
  • We assess Risks carefully and Embrace challenges with Confidence. 
  • We demonstrate Adaptability and Agility in our Decision-making. 
  • We strive for Fairness and exercise sound Judgment in all actions.

We Measure Results

  • We prioritize Performance, driving productivity and efficiency. 
  • We maintain Consistency and uphold High-quality standards to ensure excellence. 
  • We implement Structured and Systematic approaches, emphasizing Order and Clarity.  
  • We harness the power of Data and Metrics to inform our decision-making processes. 

Health, Safety & Environment

ClearBakk is committed to meeting or exceeding applicable legislation, regulation and industry standards of employee health, safety and environmental protection. The well-being of our clients, employees and the environment is important to us. ClearBakk has a comprehensive Health & Safety Program in place, and we participate in many government and industry sponsored health, safety and environment (HS&E) programs, including Avetta, ISNetworld, and Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA). Our Health & Safety program is COR certified, which guarantees a minimum standard and level of commitment towards health and safety and that our program complies with the standards set out by the Partnerships in Injury Reduction.

ClearBakk History

2023 – ALSYS Group, the parent company of ClearBakk, was awarded it’s 550th project. Together these companies have nearly 35 years of industry experience. ALSYS’s original company (CTI) was started in 1990.

2022 – ClearBakk was awarded its 60th Potable Water/Sewage Treatment Project – Metis Crossing.

2021 – Moved into our new office with staff count of 45 people.

2020 – Awarded our largest engineering order to date, ~40,000 manhours.

2019 – ClearBakk awarded its 150th project.

2018 – ClearBakk Water Solutions (CWS) renaming.

2016 – ALSYS acquired ClearBakk Energy Services, bringing along 25 years of industry process & manufacturing experience.

2015 – ClearBakk’s largest packaged Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) plant – sewage treatment for a population of 2200 (ATCO for Shell).

2014 – AWI merged into ClearBakk Energy Services.

2012 – ClearBakk’s first Polymer Hydration Plant project – Syncrude Pilot for tailing ponds dewatering.

2011 – Allied Water Integration (AWI) & ClearBakk Energy Services (CES) was founded.