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ClearBakk offers a wide variety of Membranes from Organic to Ceramic, we are happy to be partnered with Orelis, an established Membrane manufacturer and distributer out of France.

In waste water treatment, membrane technology is becoming increasingly important. With the help of ultra/microfiltration it is possible to remove particles, colloids and macromolecules, so that waste-water can be disinfected in a way where it can be reused or discharged into safe areas.

Membranes are used in pressure driven operations like microfiltration, ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. They can also apply to operations in an electric potential gradient Electrodialysis, electro deionization, electro filtration and fuel cell.

Membrane Product Offerings

Ceramic Range Membranes

Laboratory Range Membranes

Plug and Play Membrane Units

Organic Range Membranes

Semi Industrial Range Membranes

For a full range of membrane offerings and applications, please use the following link.

Why ClearBakk

Why ClearBakk

We are a results focused Water Solutions company that works diligently to ensure that our products and services exceed the expectations of our customers. Our employees are customer focused, motivated and experienced; you will benefit from our expertise and accountability.

Our products are innovative and customized for your unique situation utilizing some of the best known manufacturers of Water/Wastewater equipment worldwide.

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