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ClearBakk provides the latest technology, designed and integrated within reliable, robust and operator safe systems and modular packages for all your Camp water/wastewater needs. Our systems are ideal for flow rates ranging from 20-1000 m3/ day in Camps, Remote Sites, Small Towns, First Nations, Golf courses, resorts and housing developments.

Our solutions are full turnkey offering a plug and play treatment packaged plants that can be customized to your individual site and effluent requirements. Our plants are easily transported and installed anywhere and can be scaled up and down in conjunction with your capacity requirements. Effluent is treated to strict environmental standards for safe discharge or efficient recycle/reuse.

Camps Services

Evaluation and Conceptual design
  • Sample testing and evaluation of source water and effluent to determine the treatment processes needed
  • Conceptual design of integrated system
  • Focus on Maximum reuse and safe discharge of fluids
  • Complete fabrication and assembly of all systems, including electrical, mechanical and custom paint/logo
Installation and Commissioning
  • Installation and commissioning of all treatment skids, including full sets of operating manuals and training
  • All of ClearBakk’s operators are certified by Alberta Environment to commission, operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment plants

Camps Product Offerings

Water Treatment Systems (Treatment of source water to provide potable water) Systems include RO, UV, Nanofiltration, Ultrafiltration and Sand Filters

Wastewater Treatment Systems- ClearBakk’s products are best in class due to the in-processing capabilities, ease of operation, scalability and lower transport costs compared to our competitors

Dewatering systems (Treat waste on location to reuse water and reduce hauling costs)

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Why ClearBakk

Why ClearBakk

We are a results focused Water Solutions company that works diligently to ensure that our products and services exceed the expectations of our customers. Our employees are customer focused, motivated and experienced; you will benefit from our expertise and accountability.

Our products are innovative and customized for your unique situation utilizing some of the best known manufacturers of Water/Wastewater equipment worldwide.

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